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We create strategies that produce positive and desired changes for businesses.

Unlock your brand

Analysis. Passion. Business results.
We believe that only when you understand a business can you understand its brand and what makes it stronger.

That is why we are the branding consultancy that always look to both brand and business. We create strategies that produce positive and desired changes for businesses.

The road there is always different but good strategy is about two things: daring to question old truths and reviewing the company structure and prioritization. You can’t be the best at everything. Those who try end up mediocre.

There are other brand experts

Chances are we trained them.
Mats Georgson founded the firm on theory and research from the academic world.

As a Ph.D. from the University of Connecticut, he has taught at universities for over 15 years. He is also the co-author of the world’s most used academic text book “Strategic Brand Management” by Keller, Aperia and Georgson.

Through the years at Stockholm University, University of Connecticut, Berghs School of Communication and Handels Executive Education, he has taught thousands of students from entry-level to EMBA programs.

Many former students and ex-employees of Georgson & Co have gone on to become marketing leaders, from marketing directors to brand directors and senior strategists and creatives.

True experience

Don’t hire a one trick pony.
Without practical experience, it is hard to apply theory and analysis.

But it is equally important that experience does not become a hindrance to creativity. Sometimes people want to repeat what worked before, at their previous job or project.

Although Georgson & Co is a small firm, we have direct experience that only the largest consultancy firms can match. We have worked directly for management team and CEOs in over 50 companies, across all types and categories of organizations and products.

We promise you this – we will never assume you are the same as anyone else. Because in our experience, that’s wrong.

Digital transformation

Faster. Easier. Branded.
Today everyone is reinventing themselves in the digital world.

We have seen the best and the worst and can tell you – it all starts with your business strategy. Not just a digital part of it.

Only by evaluating your options against a comprehensive strategy can your digitalization be truly transformational.

Get it together - Culture eats poor strategy for breakfast

We have found there are four core things you need aligned for your strategy to work in practice.

Vision makes sure you have a higher purpose and an inspiring goal.

Business strategy makes sure you can get there, and that you have made sure you thrive in the process.

Brand is what is in it for the customer (and after that, other stakeholders). Who will chose you, and why.

Culture is how this all works out in real life. The decisions and actions people will take everyday to make it all come true.

If these four are aligned, then your strategy describes your complete business concept. If not, well, culture will eat it for breakfast.

Clients - With whom we laugh, fight and win

These are some, but far from all, our clients past and present.

For most of our clients, we have worked together to create global and overarching strategies, not just local, product, or campaign initiatives.

We do not disclose publicly exactly what we have done with whom or how. Should you be interested in working with us, we will provide you with ample relevant case stories and references.

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